Are the Rams moving to LA?

SITTING IN MY RECLINER, NJ – Rams owner Stan Kroenke recently purchased 60-acres of land in Inglewood, California leading to speculation that the team might move from St. Louis to Los Angeles.

It’s not the craziest idea. The NFL is the only major team sports league in the United States without a team in Los Angeles, the second biggest media market in the country.

The Rams were previously located in LA before moving to St. Louis prior to the ’95 season.

And the Rams can opt out of their lease with the Edwards Jones Dome at the end of the upcoming season. Meaning there would be nothing holding them to St. Louis.

But let’s not forget Kroenke is a developer who could simply be buying the land for private purposes. And the Kroenke group pretty much said as much in a statement they released:

“While we can confirm media reports that we recently purchased land in Inglewood, as a private company we don’t typically discuss our plans for commercial or residential investments.”

Rams fans certainly hope that’s the case. The team has been stockpiling talent, and will have two of the first 13 picks in the upcoming draft. Leaving now would be a gut punch similar to the Seattle SuperSonics leaving to Oklahoma City right before this team was assembled:

Actually out of respect to Seattle, let’s not compare the two *pours one out*


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